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Oz Flag Mosaic

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City Mosaics 2014

The City Mosaics series, utilises modern editing technologies with several photographs taken over the last few years. The ideas for this process had been rattling around in my mind for quite some time and emanate from a dream I had where the world was super-pixellated, as if one were looking at a computer screen through a […]

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Fragmented Memory | Phillip Stearns

Here is a marvelous example and photographic description of pixellation art as abstract. Fragmented Memory | Phillip Stearns. Like this:Like Loading…

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2013 mini review and 2014 gets off to a flying start… Home@735

The year 2013 is ending on some highs. My final work for college, Alter’dEgo was accepted into and shown at the London and Porto Underground Film Festivals in November.   I completed my Honours degree in Visual Arts (Photomedia) at Sydney College of the Arts and now it’s  simply a matter of continuing the drive towards […]

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Wynn Bullock – Abstract Photography from the 50’s and 60’s and some remarkable photographic creations

I’m working on my Honours dissertation at the moment, researching, reading, writing….. hit a wall! The saving grace… some of the fantastic abstract photography and artists I have come across in all this. So, just to mention a couple that are blowing my mind. #1 Wynn Bullock (USA 1902-1975) Color Light Abstractions Hidden for many years, these […]

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AfterDark2, Experimental video and noise by William R. Bullock

AfterDark2 is a piece I did for the Noise class I just completed at SCA, which was taught by David Haines. Certainly one of the best classes I have participated in, there were a number of really incredible works by the various students and also the group pieces were a lot of fun and with […]

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Times2 is a video I worked on for my undergrad show at SCA. It is showing at the SCA galleries until Friday 23rd November along with over 200 other pieces by fellow students and Honours candidates. It is a video intervention about aspects of contemporary culture. It questions some key philosophical and ontological issues, including […]

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Newest Sounds from the ART of Noise Class   Like this:Like Loading…

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Bespoke gentlemen’s clothes from NYC

Cool clothes and accessories from NYC. They also have a Kickstarter campaign running. Like this:Like Loading…

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Petition for an Artists Space at SCA in Sydney

Please sign to give upcoming artists somewhere to show their stuff all year round… Petition by iPetitions Like this:Like Loading…

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