William R. Bullock Basecamp – photomedia work


William R. Bullock 2011


The key areas here are the photo gallery, which showcases various photo projects, encompassing the past thirty odd years, the Time-Based Works, which is the major area of exploration and the blog which will feature a variety of new images as well as hopefully interesting items and occasional news relating to the photomedia work of William R. Bullock.

William (1955) was born in Sydney, Australia and has been using cameras and tape-recorders (and other sonic devices) from his teens. The thrust of his current work is creating experiential altered states with audio-visual environments. A deep interest in hypnosis and trance states, in the processes of healing and stress management, is an underlying guide in this process. It leads to often ambient imagery using colour in unique and emotive ways. The abstract still images, have hidden depths and textures, which are only nascent on the computer screen. The most recent video works explore colour, movement and sound, reminiscent of light-shows and happenings, while incorporating an underlying mesmeric quality.


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